Friday, October 31, 2014

Monster Madness Blog Hop

Happy Halloween, guys and ghouls! Welcome to the Monster Madness Blog Hop hosted by Vicki Leigh and me. Since Vicki and I both released monster books this year (The Monster Within and Catch Me When I Fall), we thought it would be fun to have a blog hop dedicated to the monsters we love so much. So have some candy corn and enjoy this post as Vicki and I interview each other.

Okay, Vicki, time to fess up. What monster scares you the most?

I’m pretty hard to scare, to be honest. But there is one monster who gives me the creeps: Freddy Krueger. In a way, he was kind of the inspiration behind the Nightmares in my series, because the thought of someone being able to kill you in your dreams terrifies me. I’ve never actually seen the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but, man, that dude creeps me out.

I love Freddy! My sister loved the Nightmare on Elm Street movies so I saw them much younger than I should have. ;)

How about you, Kelly? You have to be afraid of someone or something, too!

Growing up, I was terrified of the monster under the bed. I even wrote a short story about it called “The Monster of All Monsters.” Anyway, if I had to get up in the middle of the night for water or to use the bathroom, I’d stand on my bed and try to jump to the doorway. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that fear. Now the thing that freaks me out is ghosts. I tried to write a book about a haunting once, and the research totally scared me away from the idea.

Oh, man. I love ghosts. Like, I legitimately want to spend the night in a true haunted house. I think it’d be awesome. (Yet, a fictional guy creeps me out. I’m weird; I know. J)

All right, Vicki, you have to create a NEW monster. What does it look like, and what kind of terrifying things can it do?

Hmm…I think a monster who takes the shape of whatever form you find most attractive would be pretty terrifying—especially when he/she sucks out your soul during a smexy scene and leaves you a comatose patient for the rest of your life. That may have been done before. I don’t know. But I’ve heard freaky stories about what it feels like to be in a coma. I never want that experience. Or being found comatose on my bed in my birthday suit.

All right. So, my monster sucked. You create one, Kelly. I’m positive you can do better!

I’m feeling the pressure now. I’m sort of stealing from Harry Potter here, but I think a monster that can transform into whatever it is a person fears the most would be just awful because no one would be safe from it. No wait! Better yet, the monster becomes ALL of your fears rolled into one! So if you are afraid of snakes, ghosts, and realistic looking dolls with eyelids that open and close (not that I’m being that specific because those are my top three fears or anything), the monster would turn into a doll possessed by a ghost who can charm poisonous snakes to attack on command. *shivers*

Back to you, Vicki. We’ve all been inside haunted houses or mazes at Halloween time, right? What monster got the best of you inside one of those?

I actually have a good story for this, because I really am super hard to scare. I’ve been in haunted houses and mazes, and usually when things jump out at me, I giggle. So, last year, I went to a haunted cornfield with a few friends. We walked through a LOT of really tall corn, and a trailer that was pitch black. None of the actors really got me, even when I had to feel the walls because it was so dark I couldn’t see. And then we exited the cornfield, and I was like, “well, that was fun,” thinking it was over.

Then, out of nowhere, came a dude with a chainsaw. Good lord; I jumped out of my skin! I screamed and then tipped my head back and guffawed. That dude got me. It was the chainsaw noise that did it, and his perfect position: I thought the maze was over.

How about you, Kelly? Do you have a good haunted house story?

Ooh, sneaky little chainsaw-wielding devil! ;) 

Okay, well I have to say I startle easily, not scare easily. I went through a haunted dorm in college. I give the people who ran it credit because it was pretty good. There was a funeral in one room, and we all thought the dead body was going to get up. It was really a distraction for something that snuck up on us. Still, I wasn’t scared. Nor was I scared when they turned out all the lights and we had to find out way out in complete darkness. Then at the end, there was a guy in a gorilla suit. That made me laugh, but it also distracted me from the hands reaching out from under the stairs I was climbing. I admit I jumped when I looked down and saw what I’m assuming was a zombie gripping my leg.

Time to change gears. What monster is your all-time favorite, Vicki?

Am I okay to say Cookie Monster? J For real, though, my favorite is probably Dracula.

How about you? You have to have a favorite!

I think I’m going to have to go with a zombie. Something about a reanimated corpse is both disgusting and terrifying, considering it wants to eat your brains. Got to love that! ;)

Now it's your turn! Choose 3 questions below to answer either in the comments or on your own blog.

1. What monster terrifies you the most?
2. Do you have a good haunted house story?
3. What's your favorite monster?
4. Is there a monster book that terrified you as a child?
5. Have any book recommendations for stories that include monsters?
6. Finally, create your own monster! What does it look like, and what scary things can it do?
Then tag FIVE of your friends to share in the Monster Madness!
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  1. I would say I am afraid of snakes. I can't say there is a "safe" kind. I don't want to go near one, ever. A book rec. is The Devouring by Simon Holt. It is so creepy and scary good. As for a favorite about a movie one, Freddy. The hands and being able to do something in the dreams that can affect real life. Scary goodness. :)

  2. Mary DeBorde
    1. Fast zombies
    3. My favorite monster is the vampire :)
    5. Book recommendation: The Passage by Justin Cronin - creepy vampire/ish things that make Lestat look like a saint lol

  3. I haven't been through a haunted house in years (REAL ones, but not the ones they set up every year, anyway!), but walking into rooms when you knew someone was going to sneak up on you always freaked me out.

    1. Yeah, even though you know it's coming you still jump. At least I do. Then I laugh.

  4. Terrific back and forth, you two! Have a happy Hallowe'en!

  5. LOVE that. I'm pretty hard to scare too, but it happens.

    1. What monster terrifies you the most? It wasn't so much a monster for me, but the concept of a man who travels through mirrors and can murder you from any reflective surface.
    4. Is there a monster book that terrified you as a child? Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, 1-3
    5. Have any book recommendations for stories that include monsters? Actually I wrote one, but after all the paranormal I've read, there's too many to pick just a couple to share.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  6. I was thinking of you, Kelly, and one of your posts from a few weeks back about Eric Frein, when I heard the killer was caught in PA-. That is apropos, because these are the monsters than scares ME most. Glad you can focus on the cute monster types tonight with one real one no longer roaming loose.

    1. Yes, I was so happy when he was caught. He's been terrorizing this area for too long. And I agree. Those are the really scary monsters, the real ones who think taking another life is okay.

  7. I went to a haunted house ages ago. It was my first one and it was awesome. Loved to do it again. I'd probably visit a "real" haunted house if I had the chance.

    1. I'm going to a signing tomorrow and the place is haunted. Eek!

  8. Happy Halloween! It's the chainsaw sound and the touching on the calves that make me jump, or the things that jump out at you from one place when you think (logically) there fixing to be something jumping out at you from the one you're focused on. :D lol

    1. I had a weird sensation of something touching my leg today. Totally freaked me out because nothing was there.

  9. I am such a huge chicken. I've only been in one haunted house my entire life, and I spent the whole time shuffling along, eyes closed, clutching my husband for dear life. I also might have been teary-eyed a few times. I know. Sad. =) And I vote for the Cookie Monster- he can visit me anytime!

  10. Of course you weren't scared! Hahaha. Why doesn't that surprise me for some reason? The distraction trick is a good one. Surprises are really the only things that can scare me! Great interview.

    1. Yeah, things that surprise you startle you. That makes me jump and laugh.

  11. I'm terrified of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. I had nightmares about her. When I was little, I could have sworn she hovered outside windows.

  12. I'm stopping by to say "Happy Halloween," Kelly! We have a big weekend going on with three parties and furniture shopping. The blog hop sounds super fun! As a child, I hated Freddy Krueger. Like you, I watched them at a much younger age amongst other movies my older cousins would have playing. Probably explains why I slept next to my mother as a child all of the time!

    1. I used to call my mom into my room and make her stay with me until I fell back to sleep.

  13. I used to love going into haunted houses during Halloween time- but haven't gone in years! I also would be totally creeped out to meet Freddy- those long pointy knife fingers are scary!


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