Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Writer Wednesday: A BIG Announcement!

Have you heard the big news? I’m announcing a brand new street team! This street team is NOT a Kelly Hashway or an Ashelyn Drake street team, but rather a street team for the Into The Fire trilogy! The first book, Into The Fire, has gotten a gorgeous new cover to match the second two books in the series, and it is being re-released with heavy edits. That means, it’s basically a new book!  What better time to get you guys involved than with the re-release of the first book?

Here are the details:

Only 20 members will be chosen. This means you will be part of a very elite group of bloggers/reveiwers, and readers alike.

It’s vital you understand you’re accepting the time commitment that comes with it.
While I want you to have fun, I’m choosing a very select group of people so that:
1. You’re able to form close bonds with each other
2. We’re able to get you better exclusives - in the form of ARCs, special edition swag, and being able to hang out” virtually with me.

The number one goal (and something you *must* do to be a member) is to agree to post your *honest and unbiased* review during release weeks!

There will be other tasks as well - that aren’t requirements - but that will be highly encouraged (and rewarded).

You can apply here: or below:

*** Important *** 
The app will close on January 21st, so make sure you get your application in before that day. Once the application closes, there will be no exceptions to allow you to fill it out, as my social media manager and I need time to sort through the responses and pick the team. We hope to have a team together by January 25th, but please be patient with us as we sort through the applications.

Thank you!


  1. May you and your team set a blazing trail!

  2. Awesome. I can't imagine managing something like that around my current hub-bub, but way to pull it together!

    1. My social media manager is managing it. I couldn't survive without her.

  3. I'm not on FB, but I will try to join anyway.

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I forgot.

  5. How exciting! I know a lot of children's authors do street teams and they're very effective because kids talk. I don't know if I can do the "hanging out" thing, but you know I'm happy to help out with your promotion the week of, if you're still doing a blog tour in addition to the street team.

    1. Yes, there will be blog tours for each book. Thanks, Stephanie!


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