Monday, August 5, 2019

New Release!

I have a new book out today! I won't be doing lives today or Wednesday this week. I'll be back Friday. In the meantime, check out my newest release, Foresight Favors the Felon.

How do you catch a killer when he knows your every move before you do?

Psychic P.I. Piper Ashwell has never met a case she couldn’t solve—until she goes looking for a killer who happens to be a gifted clairvoyant. 

Unable to see the future herself, Piper is always two steps behind no matter how many objects she reads to find him. She’ll have to put her psychic abilities to the test before this serial killer commits the ultimate crime and destroys her reputation in the process.

But getting inside the killer’s mind will put Piper’s life on the line.


  1. I love your character, Piper, who can see what's coming for others but not for herself. Actually, like most people I know!

  2. Good luck Kelly - so pleased for you ... Piper sounds a great character to write for ... cheers Hilary


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