Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Okay, so I know I didn't post on Monday, and I have a good reason. I'm going through a rough time. My dog is very old, and she's nearing the end. It's been really tough, and I couldn't bring myself to post my usual Monday Mishmash video.

But I do have some news. I have a brand new series coming out in 2022, and book one just went up for preorder everywhere. So check out Corpse at the Candy Shop, book one in the Traumatic Temp Agency series.

All Hailey Hart wants is a fresh start in a new town where no one knows she doesn’t have a clue what to do with her life or a dollar to her name. What she gets is a dead body on her first day of work at the candy shop.

Now, everyone wants to talk to Hailey and find out if she killed the biggest player in Rockland. Who knew working with a temp agency could be so traumatic? The only good part is her new boss happens to be both attractive and interested in clearing Hailey of murder. 

Can she find the real killer and earn a paycheck before her rent is due?





Oh, and thank you to everyone who reached out to me today for my birthday. I appreciate it. <3


  1. Happy birthday.

    Your dog has had a good life with you.

  2. Your new series is, as all your work, very appealing <3

    Hugs for accompanying your beloved dog on this part of the journey. Dogs are as pure a manifestation of earthly love as we get to experience, and it's an honor to share their lives.


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