Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Mishmash 1/14/19

Happy Monday! Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme dedicated to sharing what's on your mind. Feel free to grab the button and post your own Mishmash.

Here's what's on my mind today:
  1. The Time for Us  The Time for Us releases tomorrow! 
  2. Madison Kramer Mysteries As I mentioned last week, I'm reworking the Lies We Tell Trilogy. The books are now unpublished and being reworked as the Madison Kramer Mysteries. I'll announce the book titles soon. I really love the titles!
  3. Piper Ashwell-Madison Kramer crossover I'm plotting a Piper Ashwell-Madison Kramer crossover novella. Since Madison is an author and Piper's office is next to a bookstore... See where I'm going with this? I'm excited!
  4. Editing I have a new edit coming to me very soon. I better get drafting in the meantime.
  5. Cover design Have I mentioned I love working with my cozy mystery cover designer? She takes my ideas and makes them ten times better (possibly more than ten times better). I'm getting things ready for the new Madison Kramer Mysteries covers.
That's it for me. What's on your mind today?


  1. Tomorrow is an exciting day for you. Congratulations. On the other books too. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Kelly - it's today ... I do hope sales are going well - but congratulations on the release - and good luck for the future - cheers Hilary

  3. A cover designer who takes your ideas and makes them better is golden.
    Meanwhile, if you haven't solved you commenting issues on blogger, I wanted to mention that I discovered some months ago that I can only comment from the Chrome browser,(Google's own) even though I am signed into my google account on the others. (I use Edge and have tried tried firefox as well, because I need to be able to see how changes on my website look on the other browsers when I make them.) If you are using windows 10, Edge is your default installed browser. For me it doesn't allow me to comments on blogger blogs.:(

    1. I'm using Safari, so that might be the issue. I'm a Mac girl. I'm trying to comment with my name and URL because that option came back. Let's see if this works.


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