Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Feature: Avian

Avian Blurb:
What kind of power is lurking inside him?

After a year of training to become a dragonrider, Jaevid Broadfeather has been sent home to rest during a three-month interlude. But when he returns to find the king drake has chosen Beckah Derrick as his new rider, Jaevid realizes something big is about to happen. Every fiber of his being is pushed to the breaking point as Jaevid battles through his avian year, preparing for the final graduation test of the battle scenario. But there is more standing in his way than a few pushups and fancy sword moves.

Jaevid must face a new fear as he is tormented by a gruesome nightmare of a mysterious gray elf warrior murdering the royal family of Maldobar. It seems obvious to him that this is some kind of message about how the war started long ago—until Felix assures him the king is very much alive. With his strange powers growing stronger by the day, and that violent dream replaying in his mind every night, Jaevid no longer wonders if he will pass his avian year or not . . . he wonders if he will even survive it.

The truth will soon be set loose.

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Nicole is sharing her playlist for book three in the series with us all today, so please welcome her.

My TRAITOR Playlist

I have to have music when I write. It is a must. It’s not that I necessarily am listening to it, but rather that it blocks out everything else going on around me. It drives my husband bonkers because I will listen to the same song on repeat for hours without even realizing it. Although, there are some songs that inspire me more than others, so here is a list of the songs I listened to while working on the next installment of the Dragonrider Chronicles, TRAITOR:

I Will Show You by From Ashes to New
Shadows by Red
Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) by Lindsey Stirling
Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
Soldiers by Otherwise
Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch
Good Feeling by Flo Rida
Panama by Van Halen
Who I Am by Blanca
Juke Box Hero by Foreigner
Centuries by Fallout Boy
… and pretty much every track on the Pacific Rim and Tron Soundtrack.

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  1. sounds like a great read! And I'm prob the only one on earth who can't listen to music while they write, although I've been thinking more and more lately it might help get the juices flowing?!

  2. I love the cover and the story sounds amazing. :-)

    Also, I'm another person who creates playlists for when I write. Sadly lost them all recently, though.

  3. I'm curious about some of these songs since I'm not familiar with all of them, and of course this book sounds fantastic too. :)

    1. I love play lists. It's fun to see what songs authors associate with their books.

  4. Broadfeather, what a great name. Sounds like an interesting book.

  5. Congratulations on your new book, Nicole. The songs on your playlist are unfamiliar to me. I like Elvis, :) but sometimes a song runs through my head while I'm writing.

  6. That sounds entirely different. I know some of the music on that playlist, but when I write, I can't have songs playing- I'd be tempted to sing along with the lyrics (which would evoke the question of who's strangling the cat). I listen to jazz, classical, or film scores instead.

    1. I'd sing along too. That's why I like to listen to music before I write to inspire me. I like quiet while I'm writing.

  7. Congratulations on your new book, Nicole.

  8. Ooh! I'm curious about the good news. :-)

    1. I shared it on FB this evening and I'll share it here tomorrow. :)


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