Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Feature: A Whispered Darkness

When Claire Mallory's father leaves, her mom moves them to a new town and into a dilapidated Victorian house. 

The old house creaks and whistles, and smells well -- like it's been abandoned for years. But as the nights grow longer and the shadows take on substance, Claire wonders if the strange sounds and occurrences might be more than the house showing its age. 

Just as things start to pick up in Claire's love life, her mother becomes possessed. In an attempt to save her mother and their new home, Claire enlists the help of two boys, each of whom is interested in Claire for different reasons. As she chooses one boy over the other, something dangerous is unleashed, and the spirits make their move. 

They aren’t content to moan and scream inside Claire’s house, or even control her mom. They want a taste of freedom, and she’s their key to getting it. But is Claire strong enough to fight off the evil spirits, or will they claim her and her mom before it's all over?

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  1. sounds intriguing! thanks for sharing. and i love the cover.

  2. I love the cover. I already have this on my wish list.

  3. Lovely cover. Mysterious, since we can't see the girl's eyes. Congratulations, Vanessa. Good luck to you.

  4. Quite a good cover, and I like the premise!

  5. Love the cover! And the premise is very eerie.....

    Hope you're having a good weekend, Kelly.

  6. Eye catching cover and sounds mysterious as well as intriguing!


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