Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Writer Wednesday: Writers' Holiday Wish List

Confession. My brain is fried this week. I'm volunteering at my daughter's school with their holiday sale and editing for a client as well. Plus, yesterday was my birthday. So I struggled for a good topic today and decided to go for something fun. Here are the items I think would make great gifts for any writer:
  • Flash drives — We can always use more of these.
  • Notebooks — Yes, phones have notes and voice memos, but I prefer mini notebooks for my purse or even regular notebooks for brainstorming at my desk.
  • Journals — We are writers after all. ;)
  • Coupons for writing time — Remember those coupons you made for your mom when you were little and they said things like "do dishes" or "dust" and Mom could cash them in at any time? Yeah, well spouses out there, writers would love these coupons for free and uninterrupted writing time. They are totally free to give and yet worth so much to the writer.
  • Books or gift cards for books — All writers read. It's how we research the market. I love getting books or gift cards for books.
  • Gift cards to places where we can buy SWAG — Okay, I'm not even sure you can get these, but how cool would that be? SWAG adds up in price. I'd love a gift card to use toward book SWAG.
  • Buy the writers book — Yes, I mean buy the author's book and then review it on Amazon. That's a great gift. You're supporting the author and helping others in their choice to purchase the book.
  • Colored pens — I don't like writing with blue or black pens. It makes me think of paying bills. I write in purple and green most of the time.
  • Post-it flags and notes — These are so much fun and totally practical. I have flags all over my notebooks and books.
  • Sharpies — These are perfect for signing books.
  • Framed poster of their book cover — My husband had my first two book covers framed to hang in my office. I loved it.
  • Jewelry with the book cover — I love those necklaces that are mini books or even the book cover image behind a clear stone. So pretty and it's your book cover, so yeah. :)
  • Scrivener — I admit I have this and haven't fallen in love with it yet, but I know so many writers who swear by it.

What did I miss? Feel free to add other gifts writers would love in the comments.

*If you have a question you'd like me to answer from the other side of the editor's desk, feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll schedule it for a future post.


  1. I love these. I'm big on sharpies, colored gel pens, and post-its. I prefer the small notebooks for notes. The big ones have been collecting dust for me, because I type my major notes. Amazon gift cards are also a plus.

    1. I love getting Amazon gift cards. So many possibilities. :)

  2. I'm still getting the hang of Scrivener. I just bought myself a Passion Planner...I was going to ask for it for Christmas but they sell out quickly and I wanted to make sure I got one in time!

    1. I don't know what that is. I'm going to have to Google it now. ;)

  3. Good suggestions! I always love getting any type of office supplies. My fav pens are the Bic Crystals. Have you tried those yet? They are awesome! And they come in packages w/all kinds of colors.

  4. Especially buy a book and review it. I'm all for that one. (Ten times over.)

  5. Replies
    1. I have one but now that phone have recorders I use that.

  6. I always end up buying writing craft books!

  7. One can never have too many flash drives!

  8. My family has long stuck with the power of cold hard cash. But one year my mother got me a hardcover Harry Potter Book and I went insane. Nice gift idea and flash drives are a lifeline. Notebooks and pens too.

  9. Great list! I'm all for journals and gift cards. I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and bought nothing but books with it.

  10. Never got a flash drive, nor given one. Brilliant! Some even have cute covers.


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