Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Feature: Secrets of Artemis

Today I'd like to introduce you to C.K. Brooke and her novel, Secrets of Artemis.

Not even the god of gods could command my heart not to love...

In Ancient Greece, the goddess Artemis was venerated as a maiden huntress, swift with her bow and arrows, and eternally chaste. But could there be more to her story? Perhaps Lady Artemis had envisioned quite a different destiny than the one her father, Zeus, had chosen for her. What if she hadn't merely pined after the giant huntsman, Orion, but had secretly partaken of a forbidden romance with him?

From prolific fantasy writer C.K. Brooke comes an original divine novel, in which Artemis's classic myths are retold as never before, in her own voice, as the young goddess sets the record straight and reveals the true account of her immortal life - and love. 

Grab the book on Amazon.

C.K. Brooke is the author of multiple fantasy, romance and women's adventure novels. She lives in Washington, Michigan with her husband and young son. For news about upcoming releases, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and visit her at

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  1. Congrats to C.K. I love the premise on this one!

  2. The story sounds fascinating. Congratulations, C. K. Lovely cover too. Best of luck.

  3. That does sound like a good twist on the mythology, and that's quite an eye catching cover!

  4. I love the title and the story sounds great! I am a big fan of mythology. :) Best of luck to CK!

  5. Aww, thank you all so much!! :-)


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