Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Feature: Powers of the Six

Today, I'm excited to share Kristal Shaff's Powers of Six!

Six rare powers govern the land of Adamah. Possessing one demands entrance to the king’s army. To refuse means death. 

For hundreds of years, dark clouds covered the skies of Adamah, and an ageless king ruled. Those who emerged with one of six extraordinary Shay powers were forced into the king's army, an unmatched force with inhuman Strength, Speed, Accuracy, Perception, Empathy, and Healing. With the army behind him, the king—a man who wields all six abilities—was invincible and unquestioned in his rule. 

To most, serving the king was an honor. But for others, it was a fate worse than death. When seventeen-year-old Nolan Trividar witnesses the transformation of his brother from kind to cruel after entering the king’s army, he vows never to follow the same path. 

​POWERS OF THE SIX take you to another world where the smallest person can do extraordinary things, the undead infest the night, and the sun emits more than just warmth and light.

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Kristal Shaff is a writer and professional face painter. Her first job was shelving books at the library. She loves to explore strange and fantastical worlds in her choices of movies and fantasy fiction. She lives in Camanche, Iowa.

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  1. Sounds like a very addicting read. Love the cover.

  2. Intriguing cover! And is it weird that I really like his hair? Lol!

  3. I like the idea of one against a strong force. Makes for good reading.

  4. Sounds like an intriguing story, with adventure and suspense. Congratulations to Kristal. And the cover is eye catching.

  5. The world-building and action in this sound fantastic.

  6. A professional face painter? That sounds like an interesting career!

    1. Her pictures on FB of face painting are amazing!

    2. It is incredibly fun! I love my job.


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