Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Feature: Burned

Perception is everything to sixteen-year-old Olivia Brown. With her freakishly hot boyfriend, volunteer work at the local animal shelter, successful beauty channel on YouTube, and well-earned spot on X Factor Cheer's elite level five Diamond Girl team, Livvie's the girl every other girl wants to be. At least, that's the illusion she's aiming for. 

But Livvie's seemingly perfect life is anything but. Lying about the bruises her boyfriend gives her, and cowering beneath his raging temper becomes a regular way of life until she unwittingly witnesses her drunken neighbor beating his step-son, the town bad boy, Reid Tate.

For Reid, vulnerability is the enemy. Opening up, and letting people in gives them the power to disappoint. Growing up with a co-dependent mother and an abusive alcoholic father, Reid has endured all the disappointment he can stomach. 

But when his pretty, do-good neighbor witnesses his step-dad beat him to within an inch of his life, and not only call the cops, but keeps quiet at school about what she saw, Reid wonders if maybe, just maybe, he's found someone he can finally trust.

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Elisa Dane is a lover of books (YA & Adult romance), chocolate, reality television, and is a proud mother to three All Star cheerleaders. Woot!

She writes Contemporary YA romance. Elisa loves angsty stories that tear your heart out and sweep you away with a touching romance. It's her hope you find exactly that with her work.

Elisa is represented by the fabulous Brittany Booker of the Booker Albert Literary Agency. Her Crushed trilogy is re-releasing at the start of 2017. Crushed (Book #1) is available now! Her Caged series will be re-releasing shortly.

Elisa's husband is a police officer. He worked as a Resource Officer in a high school for eight years and is very passionate about school safety. His work inspired Elisa's Caged trilogy. Bullying is a problem that's not going away. Caged is a fictional telling of what could happen if we all looked the other way when we see someone suffering under the hands of a bully. It's Elisa's hope that readers will take away the knowledge that they aren't alone, and that there is help to be found.
#dontsufferinsilence #youarenotalone

You can connect with Elisa at the following places on the web:
Facebook - Elisa Dane, and Lisa Sanchez Romance Author
Twitter - @ElisaDane, and @LisaSanchez3
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  1. Congratulations Elisa! Burned looks interesting and intriguing.

  2. A great way of combatting bullying is through stories like this. Congrats, Elisa, and good luck with your Caged series.

  3. That sounds like a compelling read. Congratulations to Elisa!

  4. Congratulations, Elisa. Books like yours can spread the word and make others aware that bullying is happening and maybe closer then a person thinks. Good luck to you.

  5. Looks like really powerful reads, great to see what you stand for Elisa. Wishing you lots of luck. Thank you for the post Kelly. =-)

    1. You're welcome. It's definitely a book worthy of being featured.

  6. Congrats to Elisa. I knew a girl in high school who was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. People gossiped about it and I remember seeing him at college, a couple of years later, and just glaring at him as he walked by (he didn't see). Later she confirmed it to me, so I learned it wasn't just a rumor...


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