Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Feature: Pressure Point

Six weeks after the Trascion Crisis, the Alliance is long dead—but its secrets are not. Taylor Ghatzi knows the truth lies within her enigmatic dreams—if she can decipher them before the Kaleknarians make their next move.
On the other side of the galaxy, Cherran DeGuavra is trying to wrangle the five powers into an agreement that will open up a new era of pan-galactic cooperation—until developments within his own government threaten the foundations of interstellar order. 
As Taylor and Cherran battle Kaleknarian plots and Meltian politics, little do they know more than peace is at stake.

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Adam Quinn is a Chicago-based author of science fiction and space opera. When he’s not writing about the technology of the future, he’s studying engineering so that one day he can help create it.

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  1. Congrats Adam. There's so much drama and fighting in space! S. Quinn's son is doing quite well and following in his mother's footsteps.

  2. When I was studying Computer Science in college, I dreamed one day I would be part of the team that developed robots that gave birth to robots.

  3. Looks ans sounds like an exciting story. Congrats to Adam! :)

  4. Congrats to Adam! This isn't my genre, but I know there are plenty of fans of that type of book who will love this!

  5. Congratulations Adam! Sounds an interesting story premise!


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