Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Writer Wednesday: Trial and Error

One thing I've learned in this industry is that most things we do are done by trial and error. We try different POVs or tenses. We test new methods for promoting books. Trying different things and seeing what works can be brutal at times. Especially when those efforts require spending money, and let's be honest, they usually do.

I've mentioned before that 2017 is about trying new things for me. I'm taking part in two ventures (I can't really tell you about either just yet) that are completely new to me, and I'm nervous. Very nervous. Excited too. I feel like I'm walking into a dark room, waiting for someone to turn on the lights so I can see if my new efforts will pan out or not. But here's the thing. Even if they don't work out the way I hoped, I'm glad I'm testing the waters. I'm glad I'm doing different things, because I know what doing the same things looks like. I know what the results are. So in order to make changes in my writing income, I have to make changes to the way I put out books. 

I'll keep you posted on what exactly I'm doing as I'm able to speak more about the projects. Until then, what have you done differently this year?

*If you have a question you'd like me to answer from the other side of the editor's desk, feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll schedule it for a future post.


  1. I had to try an entirely new genre (for a new age group)in order to find what I was best at writing! So I think trying new things and experimenting is always a good thing. Wishing you much success with your new ventures!

    1. It definitely is. I found I love writing mystery and suspense for adults. I thought I was a children's writer. LOL

  2. Interested to hear about your secret projects. One thing's for sure. The only constant is change.

  3. It is good to try new things in the writing process.

  4. Gutsy should be your middle name :)
    Come to think about it, maybe it could be a character's name.;)

    I'm due for a change, too. I can't wait to hear more about what your upcoming adventures entail.

  5. Change can make us filled with angst, I know. But that's what makes success so very sweet! Good luck, Kelly.

  6. Awesome of you to take a leap. I've actually withdrawn a bit this year, as planned, due to the expanding family. It's definitely not helping sales, but sanity? That's a different story. Wishing you only success with your experiments!

  7. Yep, this business has pushed my own personal limits and it's is an exciting and bountiful ride of experiences, awesome people, and some nicks along the way.

  8. Learning and trying out new things is exciting, and scary, and empowering. I try new things every now and then, and have some plans for trying out something else... And it's scary. I hope your projects work out great!

  9. Trying new things is exciting and intimidating. I'm looking at different ideas for promotion and also planning to know more about my story plot before I start writing without an idea of where I'm going. Best of luck with your new projects.


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