Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hot and Sinful Nights #Giveaway Hop with an #Excerpt from Reignited!

It’s never too late to reignite an old flame.

She’s the woman he’s always wanted.

He’s the man she’s always dreamed about.

Now at their ten-year high school reunion, there’s nothing stopping Harper Webb and Mason Shaw from reigniting those feelings and having each other at last. At least until the weekend ends.

They fit together in every way. But their lives are in different places. Can they make a fantasy weekend into something more?

Excerpt: ***Warning! Steamy content ahead!***

“Harper, it’s me. Please let me in so we can talk about this.”
The carpeted floors in the rooms didn’t allow him to hear her approach, but he heard the soft click of the lock as she unlatched it. When she pulled the door open, she looked past him down the hall in one direction and then the other. Seeing they were alone, she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into her room.
“What’s going on?” Mason asked as she locked the door behind them.
She turned back to him. “Just making sure Alicia isn’t around.”
“About that...” Before he could continue, Harper pushed him back, and he toppled onto the bed.
“She ambushed you,” Harper said, explaining for him. “I know.”
“You do? Then why did it seem like you were furious with me?”
She stepped toward the bed, positioning her leg between his. “Because that’s what I wanted Alicia to think. She gave me this sob story about how she loved you in high school, but you were into me. She even said you cried out my name in a moment of passion.” She laughed. “I actually believed her.”
“That’s because it’s true,” Mason confessed, feeling his cheeks warm.
Harper cocked her head. “You really did that?”
He nodded, not wanting to say it aloud again. “It’s not something I’m proud of. I know now that I never should have dated her, but at the time I figured she was looking to raise her social status and I was trying to pass the time until you and Rick split up. It seemed like a fair trade.”
Harper lowered herself on top of him. “So you were thinking of me while you were...?”
He could tell she didn’t want to finish the statement, so he nodded again. “I know it’s awful, but I was a dumb kid at the time.”
She dipped her head so her mouth was mere centimeters from his. “It is awful. But it’s also the sweetest thing in a way. I had no idea your feelings for me were so strong.”
Mason placed his hands on her hips, pulling her harder against him. “You wore watermelon lip gloss freshman year but stopped using it because Rick didn’t like the taste of it.”
Her head jerked back. “How did you know that?”
“Rick’s locker was near mine. He liked to talk. I figure most of what he said was made up, nothing but stories to make him look better. But there were a few I knew were true.”
“What else did he say?” She lowered herself to her elbows, her chest pressing down on his.
Mason wasn’t about to tell her that Rick had boasted about the number of times they’d supposedly had sex each week. Or that he’d claimed he’d had bite marks on his chest and shoulders from when she’d stifle her screams in the heat of the moment. Mason had seen the guy change for gym class. He’d never had a single bite mark on him.
“You love roses, but only when lilacs aren’t in bloom. You can’t stand the smell of rain because it reminds you of going fishing with your dad when you were little and watching him put live worms on the hook. When you’re nervous, you rub your right ear lobe and fidget with your earring. You hate milk chocolate and only eat dark. You—”
Before Mason could continue, Harper’s lips descended on his. She kissed him with such passion he couldn’t think straight. They were both breathing heavily when she pulled away and looked into his eyes.
“I never knew. If I had...”
He pressed his finger to her lips. “I know.” He removed his finger and nibbled on her lower lip. She cried out, and he soothed the spot with his tongue. Her fingers lowered and gripped his sides. He wrapped his arms around her and spun them so she was lying next to him. With one hand, he lifted the hem of her shirt, trailing his fingers ever so lightly against her stomach. She shuttered under his touch and kissed him forcefully, her tongue dancing with his. Mason’s hand moved upward to cup her breast, massaging it before pinching her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. His mouth left hers and trailed down her neck. She shifted and, in one swift movement, pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Mason smiled and locked eyes with her before claiming her hard nipple with his mouth. She gripped his head, holding him in place. He teased the nipple with his tongue and teeth before switching to the other side.
Her hand reached down, rubbing against his erection, stroking the length of it. He unbuttoned her jeans and helped her shimmy out of them, all the while still kissing her chest. His hand ran down her smooth stomach and settled between her legs. Her pelvis arched toward him as if begging him to keep going. He responded by dipping a finger inside her. Slowly. She moaned and pushed against his hand, deepening the penetration. He trailed his tongue between her breasts and up her neck while his finger moved in and out of her.
She undid his pants and used her hands and then her feet to slip them off him. Mason found it incredibly sexy how she managed to pull off the maneuver while still grinding her hips against his hand movements. He kissed her, sweeping his tongue on hers.
He waited until she was on the brink before he removed his hand and positioned himself on top of her. She gripped his sides and pressed herself against him, begging him to finish what he’d started.

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