Friday, December 8, 2017

Curse of the Ice Dragon

Check out this excerpt from Curse of the Ice Dragon, a sci-fi novel by Tara West, exclusive to the Wrath and Ruin boxed set.

Markus gasped as the old man’s eyes shot open. Deep within his sunken orbs, Markus thought he saw red. Dafuar’s incantations grew louder, until Markus could finally discern the lyrics of a poem.
“One fell shot from the bow
And many will know Madhea’s curse has descended
Omens will fall to family
And all the cruel hunter has befriended

For each life he claims
His kin suffers the same death by similar strand
For she will allow neither beast nor fowl
To be hunted by his hand

To the hunter who reaps his fill of kill
And nary none from need
Beware her beast who wakens to feast
On avarice and greed

Eyes that glow like burning coals
In the embers of demon’s fury
Breath so cold, Lydra freezes the souls
Of any at her mercy

Sad is the tale that is known so well
The hunter who slaughtered with pleasure
His heartless crime was recompensed
For discarding the forest’s treasure”
Once again the healer closed his eyes, and when they reopened he shook his head and blinked several times, acting as if he’d woken from a dream.
Markus remained standing, his feet like granite stones planted firmly on the ground. Fear had sent ice through his limbs and weighted his body to the spot. Had Dafuar really had some kind of vision? If the man’s intentions were to spook him, he’d clearly succeeded.

With clenched fists, he spoke through gritted teeth. “Your parables are not amusing.”

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